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So, I usually make 6-8 plates of food a day. My hubby usually craves one type of meal, and I want something more elaborate. So, 3 Mel’s a day, plus a snack or dessert. It adds up to a lot of plates and bowls. I also hate doing dishes. I have a lot of actual fine dining dishes/plateware, but, I prefer a much simpler way.

I own paper plate chargers (they turn paper plates into super sturdy plates, plate holders). So, I use paper plates and a charger 90% of the time, and instead of my metal, ceramic, or even plastic ramekins, I buy these disposable paper ramekins. These little cups range in size from .75 oz holders to 4 oz. holders. That way, I’m only washing pots, pans, silverware, or special items. Yeah baby.

When we are done with our meal, toss the plate, and cup. Rinse the charger, was the silverware. Much easier. Plus, all paper. Less water being used too.

You can get all the stuff from Amazon, or like me, my local grocery store.