As you know we are moving. So, swamped as all get out. I have huge announcements coming, lots of pictures and posts. You should see my “Unpublished Blog Posts” file. I’ve been having to save them and collect them and images due to being swamped. So, I’m trying to get them to you asap (as soon as possible).

I promise I will not disappoint. I have edgy, poignant, satirical, honest, funny, educational, and funny posts lined up for you all.

I will try and be posting daily my several posts a day. If I fall behind, please be patient. Just means we are in transit. I’ll be explains more in October, right around my birthday October 5th.

Sending {{{Hugs & Love}}} to you and the Universe.

Might have to go back to this hair color. I miss my blue. We’ll see. 😉