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Never a truer depiction.

But, look at perspective. The most telling of all.

You have the ‘Giver’. In this case, a ‘Giver’ of Love.

You have the one in ‘Need of Assistance’, light in asking, not a ‘Burden’ of a request. In this case, asking for assistance with Gasoline.

You have the one ‘Asking for Money’. Now it has become personal. A ‘Burden’, ‘Obligation’, or a ‘Decision’ to be made is felt. Thus, making it personal.

You have the final, not asking for anything, simply stating, ‘I’m sick’. Now, it is intimate. Beyond personal, because ‘Decision’ and ‘Judgement’ are considered ‘Obligatory’.

In all of these cases, the responses are most telling.

For the ‘Giver’, there will ALWAYS be a ‘Counter Recipient’. You will have the ‘Deserving’ and ‘Grateful’, or you will have many, many, more ‘Takers’ and ‘Abusers’.

For the one in ‘Need of Assistance’, you will have some who will, out of ‘Kindness’, some out of ‘Obligation’ and or ‘Guilt’, and some out of ‘Resentment’. It is the latter that give ‘Assistance’ in order to feel some sense of superiority. The latter is the mostly ‘Depraved’, as in a perverse way, they gain satisfaction, from your discomfort, inconvenience, and or misery. Why? Who knows? But, unfortunately, there are many, and I do mean many, out there that feed on the misery and suffering of others.

For the one ‘Asking for Money’, it is now ‘Real Personal’. For you’ve moved out of ‘Burden’ territory, to is it just a ‘Burden?’, are they ‘Owed?’, and ‘By who?’. Should YOU care personally? And, what ‘Decision’ should YOU make? This now all involves cause, effect, and possible repercussions. Then, how much responsibility do YOU really want in this situation? ‘Decisions?, Decisions?, Decisions? Hmm…Few if any may be there for you.

The final…A person stating ‘I’m sick’. As in matter of fact. Now the ‘Decision’ has become intimate. Because, one’s evaluation becomes involved. The sickness is being surmised.

It is no longer just a ‘Decision’, but, a ‘Judgement’ of ‘How did you got sick?’, ‘Why?’, ‘Where?’, ‘When?’. Details, details, details. It is all in, ‘YOU NEED every detail. You need to know everything. Thus, the ‘Decision’, has become an ‘Obligatory’ ‘Judgement’. Finally invoking a ‘Response’ and ‘Call to Action’. Most, Many, or All, may simply disappear from your life, slowly fading away to oblivion. While the worst, will simply ‘Ghost’ you all together. When you were at your lowest, you were no longer relevant in their lives. Your weight to ‘Heavy’, to be ‘Bothered’ or ‘Involved’.

For the one who is ‘Sick’, it is most commonly to be left alone, in their weakest state. If lucky and blessed you have someone, who is there with you and for you. Whether family, friend, or stranger. You never know, who when you are at your most vulnerable, who, if anyone will be there. Beyond sad, but unfortunately, true.

The proven theory of ‘Me first’. ‘Me, Myself, and I’m, then maybe you.

Now, let’s look at those responses.

It is all about choices. The choices of what type of person you want to be? What type of person you are? And, what type of person will you be?

I am the person that when you need me, I am there. I am the ‘Non-Obligatory’, ‘Non-Judgemental’, ‘Non-Burdensome’, ‘Non-Depraved’, or ‘Resentful’, ‘Decision’ I have ‘Chosen’ to make person. Through your ‘Highs’ and ‘Lows’, I have ‘Chosen’ to be there.

Does that mean I would let someone ‘Abuse’ the ‘Kindness’ of my heart or ‘Generosity’ of my nature? No. Does that mean I would let someone ‘Manipulate’ me? No. It simply means, if you are there, or in need, I will be there for you, until you give me reason not to be. Then, I am gone forever.

Is that absolute? Of course not. Why? Because people can change, as situations and circumstances can as well. Thus, healing and forgiveness. Forgiveness because my feelings were hurt. Not, forgiveness because there was judgement.

Which? And, What? Type of person are you? Why are you? And, How?