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So, I’m checking my social media this morning, and this 漎pops up in my feed. Now this here folks is were we can all agree belongs in Australia. Why? Because they have all the crazy shit! Can you imagine going to the bathroom and looking up and seeing two Huntsman Spiders molting. At least that’s what I think it is.

Meanwhile, I’m burning the house down, and leaving the country. You gotta read the comments. I laughed so hard I peed a little 不不不不不不不 儭 Yeah, I would grab dog, husband, documents, torch house, and leave country. I mean EVERYTHING in Australia is designed to kill Y-O-U! 不不不不不不 I love my Aussies and Sheilas,  and they have some amazing creatures, however, all their creatures want to kill what? Y-O-U! 不不不不不不不 I mean even their dogs want to K-I-L-L Y-O-U!!!!!!! 不不不不不不不

Click link below to watch video. Leave comments below. As for me, I am looking in every corner now, and seriously considering if we should buy a blow torch!!!不不不不不

Some of the responses include: