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Beat the Heat

Spring, Summer, and Fall months bring fun, sun, and and many, if not most days heat!

Sometimes, the heat can become dangerous, especially for children, pets, people who work outside, and people with certain health conditions. Staying safe in high heat is important.

Follow these simple tips to stay cool: 

Drink plenty of cool water! Stay hydrated. 

Wear loose, light-colored clothing that will keep you cool. Wear sunscreen and a hat for protection.

Check on neighbors who might be vulnerable to the heat, especially those without air conditioning. 

Never leave children, elderly, or pets in a car – not even for one minute. Temperatures inside a car can quickly skyrocket to deadly levels

If you work or play outside, take frequent breaks to hydrate and cool off in the shade. 

Don’t forget the pets! Keep pets indoors if possible. If kept outside, give them plenty of water and shade to rest in. 

Symptoms of heat-related illness include dizziness, fatigue, faintness, headaches, muscle cramps, and increased thirst. If you experience these symptoms, seek medical attention.

Heat-Related Illnesses

High heat can lead to severe health problems. If you experience the following conditions, seek medical attention immediately. 

Heat Cramps

Symptoms include muscular pains and spasms, usually in the stomach, arms or leg muscles.

Heat cramps usually result from heavy exertion, such as exercise, during extreme heat.

Although heat cramps are the least severe of all heat-related problems, they are usually the first signal that the body is having trouble coping with hot temperatures. Heat cramps should be treated immediately with rest, fluids and getting out of the heat.

Seek medical attention if pain is severe or nausea occurs.

Heat Exhaustion

Symptoms include heavy sweating, pale and clammy moist skin, extreme weakness or fatigue, muscle cramps, headache, dizziness or confusion, nausea or vomiting, fast and shallow breathing, or fainting.

First Aid: Heat exhaustion should be treated immediately with rest in a cool area, sipping water or a sports drink, applying cool and wet cloths and elevating the feet 12 inches.

If left untreated, victims may go into heat stroke.

Seek medical attention if the person does not respond to the above, basic treatment.

Heat Stroke

Symptoms include flushed, hot, moist skin or a lack of sweat, high body temperature (above 103ºF), confusion or dizziness, possible unconsciousness, throbbing headache, rapid, or strong pulse.

Heat stroke is the most severe heat-related illness and occurs when a person’s temperature control system, which produces sweat, stops working.

Heat stroke may lead to brain damage and death.

First Aid: Call 911. Move victim to a cool shaded area. Fan the body, and spray body with water.

For those in Los Angeles County, California, the information below is mostly for you. In other locations please contact your local authorities for safety information.
If you are showing signs of illness, please visit to sign up for a free COVID-19 test.

Cooling Centers

If you need to seek refuge from the heat, the City of LA will offer Cooling Centers. Centers are open and available during regular hours of operation unless otherwise noted. The City Department on Disability works to provide reasonable accommodation to ensure accessibility and effective communications for people with disabilities and others with access and functional needs at cooling centers. You can call 3-1-1 from within LA City or use the links below to find out more about Cooling Center locations and hours of operation.
Information regarding City facilities is available:

By calling 3-1-1

By calling the Los Angeles Public Library Public Information Office at (213) 228-7555

COVID-19 related questions and comments, please call 213-978-1028 or 311

L.A. County Facilities
Los Angeles County and neighboring cities also provide heat related information on their website. For more information, call LA County 2-1-1 or visit the LA County website for a listing of active cooling centers:

As one that has passed out cold from Heat Stroke and Heat Exhaustion, it is NO JOKE!!! I have been hospitalized. Chipped a tooth, busted a lip, not including puking, and diarrhea. It can take days to get back to normal!

***MUST READ*** REALITY CHECK! 2 Men Busted: Having Fentanyl to Kill 4.7 Million People



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Two Men Busted for Having Enough Fentanyl to Kill 4.7 Million People.

Two men have been hit with several felony charges in Southern California, after police say they found enough fentanyl to kill 4.7 million people … in one of the largest busts the county has seen in 16 years.

You read that right. Police arrested 36-year-old Edgar Alfonso Lamas and 53-year-old Carlos Raygozaparedes … after authorities found 821 lbs of meth, nearly 190 pounds of cocaine and 20.5 pounds of fentanyl pills inside a minivan pulling out from an Orange County, CA home.

As little as 2 milligrams of fentanyl is a lethal dose. The Orange County DA previously warned it would be cracking down on drug dealers … even saying murder charges would be on the table in cases involving drugs like fentanyl that all too often result in a person’s death.

Both guys now face a list of felony drug charges and a max sentence of 37 years and 4 months, if convicted.

They’ve both pleaded not guilty and remain in custody, on a $5 mil bail.

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*MUST READ* These Grocery Items Are About To Skyrocket in Price – & My Thoughts


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As we are all feeling the sky rocketing cost of our daily foods and groceries, many do not know why, or how long conditions will be like this, and what to expect in our future. Many will site economics. Many will site politics. Many will site farmers. Many more will site truckers, or shipping, and port processing. Most will site COVID, and definitely the shut down of various industries, and factories. And, many more, will site the cost of fuel.

Sure, all of these are true to some extent, or another. Some are more majorly impactful, currently, than others as well. Therefore, now, more than ever, we need to plan ahead.

When I speak of planning ahead in shopping, I am not just talking about cost of foods, groceries, and your budget. I am also speaking about AVAILABILITY. We are for the first time in a very long time, if at all in my generation, or younger, are experiencing active shortages, that are, may, and in some cases, will be active for an extended period of time in the future, possibly indefinitely. Thus, fueling the cost of simple regular living items to skyrocket, and so many more.

Many people fail to realize all of the pieces it takes to get an item from the source, finished, and to your kitchen for consumption and use. For example, I’ll use the example of eggs.

Eggs, are sourced from animals raised at either a facility, or farm. Let’s go with Organic Free Range Eggs, 1 dozen, Large. Let’s make them Farm Raised. Basically, the healthiest and natural egg packaged.

From the time the farmer collects the egg, the farmer has already acquired and utilized, chickens, roosters, land, feed, water, monitoring systems, lighting, electricity, medical, handling, buildings, and various machines to distribute the nutrients to feed the crops, that creates the feeds, for the Chicken and Roosters, and more.

The farmer will have hired staff, likely to collect the eggs in some cases, or machine automated the collection process from the Chickens. Then, there are endless different types of inspections, and permits. These inspections include, but are not limited to, weights, sizes, type, FDA approved qualities, and etc., are now up for action. Then staff utilize various sorting and packaging machines.

Next up, transporting the now crated cartons of palletized eggs, to either a shipper (truck and or boat), or direct to store. Many stores have central hubs to the various communities.

There are so many steps I did not include. However, you get the gist of what I am saying. What I do not mention is the fuel to run some of the machinery, the replacement parts, tools for repair, gear oil, gear materials, and etc. Over head costs, and the various insurances? Cost per employee, plus insurance? Taxes? Do they own the transportation trucks, or are they leasing? Do they need a refrigerated trucking system? Size of truck? Insurance? Etc, etc, etc.

Now, did you think about where some of the parts are manufactured that make the process run? Or, machine oil and packaging? Labeling? Stamping equipment? Inspections? Permits? Accounting? Legal? Maintenance and etc. Many of those physical things are manufactured some place else. Each is individualized. Many cogs in the wheel as they say.

This leads me to where things come from? We are a global society, and a global economy for a reason. Even all the way down to disposal. The machine made in Italy, the processor made in China, the ink for labeling India, the paper from Canada, the eggs from who knows where. You see where I am going with this? Sourcing. Even when all is sourced in one country, there is still endless sourcing. All the way to the paper you write your notes on, and that Bic Pen you use. Sourcing, processing, and shipping.

The simple Scrambled Eggs and Bacon, or Eggs Benedict, or even the Hard Boiled Egg, or Smoothie, this is the process to get that one dozen Large, Organic, Free Range Eggs.

With all this being said, this explains how we are where we are at now. Skyrocketing food and grocer prices. It also explains how we must plan, and prepare.

I have not even factored in, major outside political factors, affecting our daily living. From China, Russia, India, and abroad. Nor, have I factored in ‘exclusive’ or ‘specialty items’.

But, the ‘BEASTS OF ALL‘, ‘Amazon’, ‘Big Box Stores’, ‘Walmart’, ‘Target’, ‘Best Buy’, ‘Whole Foods’, typically ‘Anchor Stores’, all the way to 7- Elevens or Circle K Marts.

I also, most definitely have NOT INCLUDED ANY RESTAURANT, or ‘cooked food, i.e. fast food, or convenient food’, to before it hits your kitchen.

EVERYONE is experiencing these new processes. EVERYONE is experiencing these new expenses. But, hopefully this answers some questions. I hope in reading this it gives you guidance, foresight, and tips for preparing and saving for the months ahead.

So, today I came across a great article of insight and planning, that we all should brace for. It doesn’t matter your wealth, as much as your system of regularity, convenience, needs, and then money. Then factor, how you can, will, or won’t adjust.

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