This is a page about growth, passion, love, humor, sadness, and hopefully, much joy. At the request of my family and friends, who I’m pretty certain laugh “at” me a lot, but also “with” me, I hope you enjoy it. It’s mine and your observations from a quirky girl. Sending much love out to the Universe.

17 thoughts on “About”

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    Much appreciated Cyril


  2. Hi Leila,

    I love your passion for life!
    There needs to be more people like you to spread more happiness.

    Keep it up, much love.


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    • Took a long time to get over that you were seeing the father of my child when pregnant & all the shit had to go through because of your decisions…not sure why the disrespect continues & now tw this….unreal how you operate…rather talk via e mail but you guys are soo evasive & refuse to communicate & be mature just becasue you cant have them because of your former “profession” don’t take it out on innocent ppl…email if you want to communicate & explain what’s going on with child support pmts that are past due & the $35000 back pay…unles unless youd rather do it this way


      • I have no idea who this is? However, any subscriber is more than welcome to email me. I’m really confused from this post? My email is leilaworldblog@gmail.com

        As I am very involved in my blog, I try and respond in a reasonable amount of time. I’m sorry for your confusion and mine too.

        Thank you.


      • I’m really sorry and so confused to who this is. Feel free to email me direct to answer any questions and get the confusion cleared for both you and me.  Not that I should care, but, I can have kids, I just don’t want any of my own. I prefer to help others. As for any “profession” I have ever had, I’m totally baffled? I have been working since I was 6 years old, as a child actor to model, to teacher, to salon owner, to a wild child in my very early 20s for a couple of years (I think 1.5 yr maybe?) to food company owner, agent, manager, singer, teacher, entrepreneur, writer and now I add blogger, as I still do many things. I was a former broker, and have done investment portfolio analytics for major brokerage houses in the past. I still consult on many projects. I prefer to lead a loving and giving life, as people who have known me all my life will attest. So, I am really confused. If you, or anyone has questions about me, you or anyone, are free to contact me, Google me, Wikipedia me or whatever.  I am sorry for your confusion. But I hope this helps. God bless. Sent via the Samsung Galaxy Note® II, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone


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