Is it me or has naming your baby become a sport? Kim Kardashian and Kayne West named their newborn “North” because the last nane is West. Now first of all, they obviously have not seen the movies. Her nick name will be “Nori”. Who wants to live by their nick name? Did they ever think about being teased all through school? Plus, what if there is a guy in her class named “South”? Wtf? I’m just saying. What’s next, name your kid Istanbul? Paris is bad enough. Hey, I’m gonna name my kid Russia! Come on seriously folks!!! Names like Michael or Courtney or Michelle are pretty in themselves, how about Brandy, or an Elizabeth? Just saying. Thanks for letting me rant. I mean isn’t Paris Jackson in a psych ward for a suicide attempt from bullying, Paris Hilton, hello. Enough already!