I find it funny about man’s ego about life past, present, and future. We are constantly discovering new things in the ocean, air, infinite space. Things that have either always existed, or existed for millions of years pre man or ancient man. The only way we define time is by man’s definition. Thus, even in our different religions and cultures there is a variance of what year it is or hour or day. That exist between religions, countries, or even within states or country variance.

It seems to me the more man looks for answers as for where he came from, what created him, the less he looks at obvious. Faith and acceptance. Instead of seeing and appreciating what is given, man is on a quest to prove he is smarter than all else. Instead of enhancing our gifts of life and all within life, man is more preoccupied with destuction of life to prove that man is the greatest, to feed the ego.

When does it get old to realize, even in finding “The God” particle, something much bigger created that. Thus once again we are small, yet important in infinite life, but we will never be all. Something greater than we could ever consciously imagine or willingly accept created us and other things far superior to us. We need to start working with the various Universes instead of trying to deny or refute the existance of what we can’t see, but know is there. Some place in our own spirit each of knows.

Just in that fact for the rest of mankind we will be unearthing and dicovering past things and unknown great things, that always were there, and so many things we don’t even know are there.