I absolutely love almond milk. I use in in anything from cereal, coffee, tea, protein shakes and etc. I add a little vanilla extract to mine if it is all natural or leave it plain. Such a light taste. I had no idea on how to make it though. For some reason I thought it was more complicated than it is.

I find as I get older, I am truly moving further and further away from prepackaged foods to simply making and or growing my own. Or, I am learning to simply make substitutions in and intergrate my foods.

I’m definitely going to buy some cheese cloth and start doing this for various foods. I think I might want to get into making cheeses too. So many possibilities and so little time.

Plus, GMO’s (Genetically Modified) creep me out. So, many things are moving to the land of “franken foods”, that now you’re practically going to have to have your own farm to avoid it.