A warning to all of my peeps 🙂

Yesterday my mom, who is back home in Cali, proved to me that she has selective electronic skills, very similar to selective hearing. Basically, whatever moves her for her purpose or fancy. My mom called me using the Tango app. All giddy with glee on her super smartphone. She starts the convo “high honey, mommy is using Tango, so now she can see you too (insert her grinning here). Just push the button and lets chat”. With her big cat that ate the Canary grin, she winked at me on the phone! Apparently she discovered Tango and how to video chat anytime she wants 🙂 it was so cute. However, that now means I am never too busy for her! She has eyes and spies everywhere, lol. All this coming from the same woman who had me set up her email! I am certain she probably already had it set up, and just wanted to do some Jedi mind tricks 🙂 Just saying. Beware, you can run, but you can’t hide 😉