So ladies and gents, I have a question for you all. I was watching C.S.I. Miami season 1 tonight while posting. In one of the episodes they feature a bunch of women at a private party, at a home, with canopy tents around the pool and yard, music, and males dancers/strippers/entertainers scattered about the party for the women. Well as the storyline progresses, you find out it’s called a “Cupcake Party”. A no rules women’s sexual liberation party. Invite only. Now in all my days of craziness, either lived personally, new someone, or heard of, I have never heard of a “Cupcake Party”. It’s not my style. I might go for amusement, but no participation. Has anyone else ever heard of this? Don’t get it confused with a “Swinger Party”. It’s women’s entertainment and fantasy, no rules. I was just curious. Might write about it in my blog.