By Ivy Jacobson for Sometimes, man’s best friend deserves a little more than a bone on National Puppy Day. We know that dog lovers looooove to spoil their pups on the daily, but are they ready to give their dog a home that may come with a bigger mortgage than their own? We’ve rounded up five of the most luxurious pieces of puppy real estate we’ve ever seen for your viewing pleasure – but if your dog isn’t part of the 1%, it may not be in your best interest to show the pictures to him or her for jealousy’s sake. A bone or a stylish new sweater will do just fine. More from The Nest: 5 reasons your dog barks — and how to keep him quiet Home remedies for dog tear stains Natural dog shampoo recipe How to fake a clean home in 30 minutes Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: © 2013 The Nest. All rights reserved.

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