Ok, I have a mini rant. PEOPLE!!!!! You know who you are, it isn’t even Memorial Day and you’re posting Fall and Halloween stuff?!?!?!?!!!! WTF?????? Haven’t you heard about living for today, because you may not even have a tomorrow! Enjoy the present, as in right freaking now! If it’s not your birthday (and the 3 month season of Fall is NO ONE’S), then get excited about the present, for life will surely pass you by. If you are not planning an EVENT on Halloween, enjoy ALL the holidays and events before then. You could get hit by a bus tomorrow, but dammit, enjoy living today, for today!

Ok, I’m done. Well not quite.

The first person that I hear talk about the “Holidays”, some one needs to take you to the park and get a freaking life! Try the beach. DO SOMETHING TODAY!!!

Ok. I’m done now. Thank you [[ :-* + HUGS]]].