I know I am always busy. However, I am currently writing and collecting info for all you awesome people. I miss you and it’s time to have some fun!!! [[[MUAH + Eskimo kisses 🙂 ]]]


Just a little taste! Skate ramp in Lake Tahoe, looks like Emerald Bay, California side 🙂 I would know that water anywhere!

Now, how freaking cool is this! Lake Tahoe is 77 miles around. 1600+ feet deep. 3rd purest lake WORLDWIDE! It is a all natural lake made from granite at elevation currently approximately 1600 feet deep. Water clarity (crystal clear, at least 60+ feet).

Also, some of the best skiing in the U.S. Has 4 Star casino, incredible golf, and it always smells like Christmas.  Except in mid summer,  normal high is 80 degrees during the day and high 40s to 50s at night. Did I tell you on the Nevada side it is very tax friendly. 3 hours from San Francisco.  20 minutes or less to ski, 10 minutes to incredible beach water. 30 minutes to Reno. Killer food. Awesome people. Oh, and people are happy! It’s the golden secret of the U.S..