What does $120K buy you in 2014? This TV

Samsung’s gigantic 105-inch curved Ultra HD TV, the UN105S9W, has been making waves in the tech press since the beginning of the year. Tuesday, Samsung finally announced availability for this ridiculously huge “5K” set, and the price is just as mind-blowing as the product itself. Each built-to-order UN105S9W costs a whopping $119,999.99—multiple years’ salary for most Americans. Of course, it’s also a TV that’s wider (at 96.5 inches) than virtually all Americans are tall. It also boasts better-than-4K resolution at 5,120 x 2,160 pixels. If you’re a serious-enough tech geek, that number probably looks weird to you. That’s because this monster—like a few other extremely expensive TVs on the market—uses a “cinematic” 21:9 aspect ratio. If you thought you had a hard time finding native 4K content for your standard UHD TV, well… good luck with this thing.

Now I don’t believe anyone needs this tv. It truly is a want in excess. But as a technology geek, if I could multitask and super amp my guess is this might be on a bizarre “if I had money to burn wish list”.