It just blows my mind how cruel and inhumane people can be. It’s like some people use social media and gossip to intentionally hurt innocent or good people. To me those are the real cowards of the world. They hate their own lives so much, they simply prey on people. You just know those people would never say anything but kiss your ass to your face, and then say the most vile crap behind your back.

I come from the school of thought, that I would never say something online or otherwise, that I wouldn’t say to their face. Plus, no where in my body, could I, would I, or do I, get off on being MALICIOUS OR CRUEL!

I just don’t get it. How could you possibly feel better about yourself hurting someone. Just pathetic I say. Pathetic miserable people.

But you know, karma’s a bitch and what comes around goes around! Abraham Lincoln said it best, “You can not help but to receive, when YOU give to someone else”.

Being empathetic, alturistic, sensitive, caring, involved, loving, helpful, can only make you grow stronger and be a better human being!!!

WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! Because when you aren’t,   YOUR LIFE is doomed to be miserable and alone, because of you and your actions alone and YOU ARE ALONE!!!