God Bless my honey. So I needed grapefruit. So he bought a bag of grapefruit while he was at Walmart. The bag of fruit is from South Africa!!!????!!!! And there was a Naval Orange in it too!!! 1) I’m in TEXAS!!!! THE LAND OF RED RUBY GRAPEFRUITS!!!!. 2) I’m from Los Angeles, CA!!! You can just walk outside and  pretty much grab a grapfruit anywhere, they grow everywhere!!! 3) I’ve lived in Florida!!! Once again, Citrus fruit heaven (at least that’s what they say 😉 ). Yet, I have a bag of partial green grapefruits from SOUTH AFRICA!!! WTF!!!

What’s killing farmers, Walmart buy produce and the like from over seas!!! Not even Mexico!!! Shameful!!! Never again!!!!