Apple’s big iOS 8 fail

LOS ANGELES: Surprise: the download of iOS 8 isn’t going as smoothly as you hoped it would. For starters, despite past updates that required 1 GB of space, the Twitterverse is afire with users scrambling for space for IOS8, with Apple asking for anywhere from 4.7 to 5.8 GBs of free space to make room for the new operating system. “That’s practically my entire storage,” tweets from Pat Toomey of Brick, New Jersey. A quick fix: Apple requires more space for over-the-air downloads, but not as much when you plug the device directly into your computer and iTunes software, reports the Verge. “The iTunes method will still require free space, but not nearly as much as 5GB using the over-the-air upgrade method on the device.”

Why I’m all about my Galaxy Notes 🙂