Apple’s glitchy Wednesday. Software bugs, bendy phone rile users

SAN FRANCISCO — Two weeks ago, the press and public fawned over the new iPhone and Apple Watch. On Wednesday, they couldn’t gripe enough. Apple yanked a spanking-new operating system update that disabled cellular service and access to the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, touching off a minor revolt on Twitter. Then, there is the matter of some iPhone 6 Plus models that bend. Apple says it is “actively investigating” its software woes. Welcome to the land of hype, sky-high expectations and frenzied customers. “Clearly, after all of the anticipation, the big event (on Sept. 9), the very favorable reviews, these revelations perhaps dampen some of the enthusiasm for and around these offerings,” S&P Capital analyst Scott Kessler says. “But we don’t ‘think that will fundamentally impair the prospects or the progress of these devices.”

It’s impossible to compare Apple to Facebook! You don’t spend hundreds of dollars and totally integrate your life with Facebook!

You would think there would have been some super major testing at their price point for their new products.

I predict more problems to come. Next up security AGAIN! What do you think?