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Dallas patient in lock down after being tested for EBOLA!!!!! I bet you, pocket books will open now. Just saying. As a human, we should have been all over this united. Sad!!!!


I respect all that has been done on behalf of ALS. However, this, is a worldwide situation, on a mass scale. It is time we put our money where our mouth is, our brains per bono, and our religious differences aside.

Basically, get our egos attached to our heads and genitalia detached, and save people. Man, woman, child, animal, and everything from a virus that is attacking all. Do you think the virus cares what it attacks? Unless, your dead.

Think about it. This new flu like virus that is now paralyzing kids, all the way to EBOLA. Something is happening people. We need to wake up and pay attention. Be involved. Act.

I have no problem going home to God. I know my heart and soul are right. I may not be perfect, but my soul is strong. However, there is a lot I am supposed to do. Fight for others, fight for earth. Fight, when others can’t, and cry, when we can.

This breaks my heart because it is in our egos, we our dying. In our vanity, we are blind. In our conceit, we do not feel. It’s not race, religion, sex, nationality, it is we, human, our pure self absorbed, we have evolved into the depraved.

We must and need to change, evolve, …now.