Someone sincerely asked me, “how would I or do I lend a hand?”. My response is as follows:

I’ve fed, stopped and parked and talked to them. I’ve given money & clothes. I’ve called shelters for them. Even just giving to good will or some local clinics that go out into the neighborhoods and feed them. Or churches that take the kids and people in. Anything helping, is better than doing nothing. Donate money, time or resources. Raise awareness. There are so many homeless children that go to school and can’t eat, no one knows, but that kid hasn’t eaten in God knows how long. Or needs clothes. Donate a toy for christmas. Or food at your grocer or pet store. There are some amazing programs out there. Just get involved. Read for a children’s program at the YMCA, library or convalescent home or hospital or hospice. Do something! I’ve worked with children, convalescent, AIDS, Cancer, Hospice, Halfway Homes, rehab centers, animal shelters & veterinarians, and our Veterans Hospitals for our war heroes. Even if its working the phones for suicide prevention or grievance counseling. I’ve taught abused women how to reenter the workforce through my salon, held auctions and drives to donate clothes, grooming and food and toys. You can host a dinner party for the holidays where everyone brings a donation gift to a local shelter or charity. There is always a way to help. We just have to do something.

Animals, the elderly and the inflicted are very close to my heart, so I donate year round. I believe giving is like love and should be done daily in some way shape or form. Even if it’s just holding the door, giving a smile, being kind.

But, it starts with each of us. I have met some amazing people over the years, and it was I whom was blessed, for giving to others, not judging, but learning and giving.

God Bless, and may you and your family have a safe, and Happy Holidays.