Please read this article. The following is my opinion.

No where in ANY BIBLE, TORAH, KORAN, is enslaving another man, ANY MAN’S RIGHT. As a society and as sapiens we quarantine fellow sapiens and in most species kill sapiens that would do harm to others. It is absolutely shameful of our history, trying to free from the British, yet enslave all other races and sexes. Talk about hypocrisy at its finest. It is ignorance and fear that have always fed our rapid demise as Sapiens. That is why knowledge is power. You may not like the truth, and you may love the truth, but fact is fact. Expand your mind and seek the truth, even if it hurts. Once you know, you can learn and evolve, hopefully for the betterment.

You are no less beautiful because you are a Lion, vs. an Eagle vs. a Giraffe. Matter of fact, an Elephant, an Ant or a Snake, or a Roach, are just as beautiful. When we realize we are ALL beautiful in our own way, whether we are colored differently, or different sexes, or species, truly, we will be seeing us as God sees us. Amazing and Beautiful. Loving. Evolving.