Ok, she and her fans believe the bullshit! Beck has been around, worked harder and IS A TRUE ARTIST. You can’t say you love music, if you only like or are obsessed with one. BEY, her HIVES, JAY, and Kayne, and ALL THE OTHERS, SERIOUSLY NEED TO GET A GRIP and when BEY, SINGS, WRITES, PRODUCES, MARKETS, AND PLAYS HER OWN DAMN INSTUMENTS, THEN SHE CAN TALK. ALL THE BEYHIVE NEEDS TO SHUT UP! Even Justin Bieber does it all. Beck does it all. She does not! She has a beautiful voice that goes too long on rifts instead of being conscise. But, it’s beautiful in tone. She needs to go back to her roots when she loved to sing for fun instead of features and money and do a no instrument album or non orchestrated. Show us talent and less shoes and yachts. Who fucking cares! Can you still sing like when you liked singing and it wasn’t a gig?