BREAKING BeanTown Roasters News!!!!!

HUGE ANNOUNEMENT!!! BeanTown Roasters Inc.

As you all know, myself and my family and friends own this little SINGLE SERVE CUP COFFEE company that is becoming GRAND.

We are very pleased to announce that next week you will be able to purchase ANY of our offerings (currently 12) in an individual pack or a variety pack.

Due to such a high request we are meeting your demand. As always, we are available for purchase on and

Before the official official announcement, I want to announce it to those that have always had my back. I love you guys and am so grateful and very blessed.

If it wasn’t for your love and support we wouldn’t have made it to the top 20 of ALL single serve cups, and top 200 in ALL grocers on AMAZON. Everyday we strive to make the best product out there at the best price. I, and we, are very proud of our coffee. It shows, because we’re all about the taste and quality. We spend more on premium coffee and production, but YOU don’t.

It’s a big year for us and this is just our first of many great announcements to come. Enjoy.

“By Coffee Lovers, For Coffee Lovers.” – BeanTown Roasters

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