BINA48: A Human Mind Cloned Into A Robot AnonHQ (Share from CM Browser)

I would call this science fiction, except this is a real project happening and progressing. The thought of cloning anything creeps me out. I have a desire for nothing so much that I would risk or want to play God and take the consequences.  There is something very wrong about it. It’s one of those things I can’t quite explain why I feel this way, as much as, I simply know to my very core, that is an area my soul says, “do not go”.

As I have a fear of very little in life, I find it interesting that I am so anti-cloning, yet am pro-stem cell treatment to cure disease. I have absolutely no desire to clone me or a dog or make GMO food. But, I would harvest tissue to cure cancer or diabetes.

I suppose it’s because to clone in itself is like creating a cancer or an evil. But to harvest in part to create a cure to the cancer or evil, though I would be skeptical, I wouldn’t be vehemently against.

What are your thoughts?