Wtf??? This is up there with skin etching!!! Ewww. Or the new one my readers of my blog have been telling about 3D silicon tattoos. So let’s start with skin etching for those who don’t know. They draw a design wherever. Then they exacto knife your skin off the basically leave a permanent scar in that design. It usually heals lighter than your skin tone and or it can keloid. With a “3D Silicon tattoo”, they do a puncture mark where you want the silicon injected to, and forge under the skin the design and then inject the silicon. That’s not art! Sorry. I typically am very open minded when it comes to art. I draw the line here. People are etching whole paragraphs on their bodies!!! Now this. I just call this desperate. There is nothing symbolic about these people doing it, no art, no spirituality. Repeat eww. Sorry if I offend anyone. Please feel free to voice your thoughts.