I am sorry.

No matter how you carve it, we are supposed to be evolved home sapiens …we created this. No animal, no beast, or monster,.. man. Man alone. How stupid we are becoming. How, fearful. Irony at its finest.

Its not about who we elect, or one person, or a famous, or even politicians, or changing our shame, it is about, we all participate, engage, learn, help, compromise, evolve. We are one, connected by blood, bones, dna, laughter, birth and death, simply the ocean and stardust. Money is not one of those things. Position. Power. Famine, struggle, illness, nor, heartache. Our pure universal DNA. Chew on that for a sec.

Yeah there are bad people, does not make them a society, a race, religion, nationality, color, sex or age. I can’t say if they were born bad, because, beyond my ego and love, I know no judgement. I know, there are sick people (and those devoid of emotion at all) that do very horrible things, and there is no such thing as “well” or “normalacy”. We are all exceptioned. Question is how you treat exception, from the abnormality. What severity.

I believe in Life. Believes and Hope.

Thank you for letting me rant. 💗💗💗💗 you all so much.