Hi there, it seems like forever since I’ve been here with you my reader and explorer of life. I’m working my way back. This past year 2015 was filled with huge changes in my life. I moved my company to a different state. I moved to a different state. My company dramatically expanded. Had some health issues both myself and my family and friends. I am happy and so very grateful to be in a good very blessed place of being, physically, mentally, and soulfully. I feel stronger than ever and come bearing much thought, opinion, laughter, emotion, and in true form much awe.

My goal is to get back to writing and sharing regularly. I have gathered much material and look forward to finally making the time, and gratefully having the time to share, ideas and opinions.

I want you all to know, I have carried you deep in my heart and always in my mind, as I truly cherish you and our experiences. It might take me a few to get back up to writing daily again. But, that will be my goal. I don’t know if some of you noticed on the sidebar of my page the posts I sent to you through Leila World Blog Facebook. I was trying to at least reach out to you that way.

I have a new set of electronics. which will allow me to navigate in a very busy schedule, way more efficiently and balanced.

So, I just wanted to say “Hello”, “Again”. Sending love and positivity and light to All, and the Universe.