Has 2016 just seemed unusually brutal?!?!?!! No joke. I mean people are dropping faster than flies. Yet somehow…Keith Richards and Ozzy Osbourne are still rocking, and Mick Jagger, is a new dad! The world is really off its’ axis. I mean Thank God they are alive, but damn we lost way too many this year. Not just celebrities either. I’ve lost track of how many friends or family or friends family, have past, or are passing! Plus, this crazy fucking election and all of this unrest and severe hate. 2016 sucked ass!!!! I’m am so ready for 2017! Anyone else?

I’m starting to feel like the song lyric, “I’ve become comfortably numb”! If I become any more shocked, this will be me. Come on 2017, only a couple of more days!

Hell, we live in Lake Tahoe, on a granite lake, yet, somehow, we managed to have a 5.8 earthquake and several big aftershocks for two days, this week. Who needs crime for death, when between nature, and ourselves, we are doing population control. What are your thoughts. 2017, we’re setting a high expectation bar for you, or man, it’s game on!