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This is going to get much BIGGER, and take a LOT LONGER, to eradicate, or slow down, or maybe even stop rapidly spreading. UNTIL WE TAKE, AS A COUNTRY, PROPER MEASURES, THIS WILL NEVER GO AWAY!!! Testing, faster results, wear masks, social distancing, and the like. Work on medical solutions, for instance, once you have been tested, having some sort of test strips, that people can do to maintain that they are negative. Just like diabetics or other regular testers do. I am sure there are several options out there.

Yet, we can’t even get people to wear masks! Just the simplest thing to do.

To me, no mask or covering is a terrorist threat. They are putting my life, and others lives, at risk. It should be treated as such.

You don’t want to wear a mask, and keep social distancing, than get your shit delivered. All of it! Groceries. Meds. Clothes. Whatever!!!! Also keep your asses off of any public property. Otherwise, wear the mask or facial covering!!!

I mean isn’t life hard enough?

This has nothing to do with Constitutional Rights. This is about saving lives. Mine, others, and generations to come.