In the times of very limited if any out of home socialization (which may very well become the new normal), it is important to find new ways to connect.

Betcha, computers, tablets, large smartphones, smart TVs (you can access the internet on most new ones), and any smartphone, WILL be the most requested gifts, this year and next. Don’t forget those super plans.

Shop around on both your devices, and your service plans. Most definitely have INSURANCE! Beats the hell out of replacing your equipment.

Something else I did with my smartphone, was I bought a memory expansion chip. So, I have a Galaxy Note 8 with 64G, then I added a memory chip with 256G, giving me a total gig of 320G on my smartphone.

I also use apps to keep my phone speed up, virus’s off, stop phone from overheating, shut down apps that are running in the background, save battery power, cleans my phone too.

Lastly, save EVERYTHING to THE CLOUD!!! I personally back my stuff up to three locations. Yes THREE! Hey sites go down, but I have a backup, and a backup to my back up.

Hope this helps.