Been watching some cool stuff if looking for suggestions:

Movie: The Old Guard w/ Charlize Theron (really enjoyed, Action/SciFi, on a lot of channels – we did Netflix)

Show: Kingdom (great casting for this show, 3 seasons, Netflix, based out of Venice Beach, fiction, about MMA gym and family, kinda intense sometimes TV MA 18+)

Movie: Desparados (Comedy, freaking my husband and me laughing, based out of Echo Park/Silver Lake area, about dating scene in 30-50s, Netflix)

Show: Rake (Comedy, 5 seasons, 1hr ea./8 episodes per season, Australian, funny as hell, great changing & evolving cast, TV MA+, based on a Barrister’s rogue life, fiction)

Show: American Gods (SciFi, 2 seasons, 1 hr ea. I believe 13 episodes ea., one of my favorite shows)

Show: Bosch (Police/Detective, based out of Hollywood Hills, multiple seasons, great cast, great writing, 1 hour ea., we watch on Amazon Prime)

Most of the stuff we watch is Cable, On Demand, Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Peacock. I’m sure they are on other outlets too.

As well discover new media, I’ll keep you posted.