Trump is so beyond ignorant, just plain stupid, cruel, vindictive, malicious, and petty, with severe God complex. He makes this statement, “they went to the voting poles during WWI & WWII, they can go to the voting poles now”. Well, hey asshole, back then, and those very specific times, you could dive in a bunker with your fellow man to live too. HELLO!!!!! SOCIAL DISTANCING SAVES LIVES ASSHOLE!!!!! WEARING MASKS, SAVES LIVES (a lot of other dumb selfish people don’t)!!!! AGE!!!!! ACCESS!!!! ILLNESS!!!! CONVENIENCE!!!! Oh…and SAFETY!!!!!

I almost died last week, and beginning of this week, from an extreme allergic reaction to 50+ bites from No See Ums (I’m also allergic to mosquitoes, bees, ants, holly bush). I stopped breathing multiple times. I’m finally on the other side and am breathing, but still dealing with random fever, itching, and having to take mega amount of Benadryl and use my inhaler at least 1x a day. So, yeah, mail in voting is my friend.

Don’t even get me started on giving Covid Relief funds to companies who really should have not received any funds, but, should not have even qualified, as they benefitted from the PANDEMIC! Yet, you want to withhold funds from the Post Office!!!???!!!

You NEED TO GO! GET THE F**K OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE!!! You DO NOT DESERVE to be in THE WHITE HOUSE. Especially, as our Commander In Chief. Freaking LOSER!!!