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In the age of a Pandemic and so much uncertainty, it is even more important than ever, to have life skills. Skills such as gardening, cooking, survival, hobbies and especially DIY (Do It Yourself) tricks, and the like.

For instance, creating disinfectants, knowing how to store things, how to make fire, having emergency equipment, having reserves of essentials and some luxuries. Having non expired stuff. Having bleach, salts, seasonings, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, teas, coffee back up pots and pans, towels, blankets, meds, can foods, pet foods & meds, I even have steel pocket knife style, full head size, knife+spoon+forks, and bamboo ones too, and God knows how many thermos and tumblers. I still need to buy those tablets that kill bacteria in rain and fresh water.

My husband calls me his personal MacGuyver + The Terminator. One way or another I will find or make a solution to a problem, or improve the solution, or worse case scenario, eliminate the problem all together!