I feel like the physically, mentally, and spiritually beaten spouse of Trump and his Cronies. Almost his raped victim, and I HAVE been raped personally. So that is a very strong statement and very honest statement. His complete abuse of power and responsibility, even humanity.

In my opinion, Trump should be tried for Crimes Against Humanity in World Court, and Treason in The United States.

He is a fraudulent, liar, thief, philanderer, infidel and worse. It wouldn’t surprise me if he wasn’t the antichrist. He is just that hateful, cruel, vindictive, manipulative, conniving, petty, spiteful, malicious and worse. This doesn’t include his egomania, completely unwarranted and proven self awareness denial. He is beyond delusional.

What he has done to this country, its’ Citizens, its’ visitors, its’ Government, its’ Law, the Environment, the Planet, our Allies (many/most now estranged), and the collusion he has had with our enemies, and or those who wish harm to us, is blatantly TREASON, obstruction of law, disregard for the law and on and on. This doesn’t include inciting hate wars and crimes, numerous protests. Inhumane and Unconstitutional acts against people in our country.

I do not wish ill on this man and his fellow Cronies, I simply want them out of office and power. In Trump’s case, I’m fine with what he gets for Treason and Perjury and Crimes Against Humanity. One, all, or any combination. Enough is enough. I figure McConnell and his like will probably pay in hell. Put them in the hands of God. Trump too, just a few sentences along the way.

Oh, I forgot his whole way he treats women and animals, and his real Epstein connection. God and Trump’s probable intimate victims and his super close Cronies, only know just how far he has gone in his personal life. I also left out being a draft dodger, and how he has treated our military and their families, or our Senior Citizens. How can we forget the handling of the never ending Pandemic or our unemployment or beyond spent budget (putting us trillions in debt), and he must be allergic to The White House too, he’s never there.

Now there is the new voting fraud HE is TRYING TO COMMIT WITH THE POSTAL SERVICE and God knows who else or country now!

He has treated The United States, its’ Citizens, belongings and assets, Domestic and Foreign abroad, like his own personal whore commodity, to be bought, sold, or traded.

I mean what is he hiding in those mystery tax returns of his. Let alone his falsification of his medical records, that’s if you can EVER get through ALL of his DAILY LYING!

Yeah folks, it’s time to #divorcetrump

It is time to open your eyes, and cut him loose and off indefinitely.