So going to make this in Fall. So over Summer! One of my favorite cakes.

I am not a fan of heat (at all!!!!!). Between, hot flashes, bugs, heat, sweat, quarantine, Covid, allergies, weekend warrior revelers (everyday!), traumatizing TV news, crazy social media, mask + sweat + glasses, rude people. I’m over summer. Politics, groceries shortages, the sudden multiplying of “Karens” and aggressive racism, riots, killings and more.

I’m actually fine with protests (we need to evolve, grow, and must change (as long as peaceful, organized, and with purpose, and cause). We work out of the house, so nothing new there (comfy is key, I do a lot of writing from bed or dining room or bathroom or kitchen…totally not going to lie about that one ;-D).

Do miss exploring our new town though. We moved to the Seattle area very end of last year. So anxious to go to the galleries, take classes, go to The Aquarium and Zoo, visit boutiques and quirky shops, even the library. Plus, I want to do some volunteer work.

High on my list is to visit the wineries, and various food and kitchen markets, and of course swap meets and such (you can always find cool stuff at these places. Which brings me back to this cake. I’m looking at getting some baking in. So, I can always use some cool baking pans and cooking toys.

Life is meant to be appreciated.

Manga baby, manga 😀