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So, once again, Trump is misguiding Americans, by his Press Conference this morning. This is Plasma Treatment IS NOT A VACCINE. This is NOT A CURE. Will NOT PREVENT YOU FROM GETTING IT IN THE FUTURE, OR AGAIN. If you ALREADY have it, and it IS DIAGNOSED within FIRST 3 DAYS, may be a treatment to expedite healing, IF IT WORKS IN YOUR SYSTEM.

Drs. and FDA, stating they do not know if will work, when to administer, or dosage. Also, stating, simply not enough research and data, and results, to formulate these answers yet. Basing application of this treatment on other past viruses treated. However, currently DO NOT know how this treatment will respond short term, long term, in what dosage, and when to apply, not including side affects.

Wear masks, wash hands, dont touch face, social distance whenever possible, change clothes when get home, quarantine self asap if exposed, notify doctor. Pretty simple folks.

Please be careful and safe, for yourself, and others.

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Open SmartNews to read ‘Trump announces plasma treatment authorized for COVID-19’ here: https://smartnews.link/a/PuqN or you can directly access the content using this link here: https://smartnews.link/w/CRUs