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I Grew Up In The Beauty Industry…4th Generation Beauty Salon Owner. So Excited. It Is A Silver Metallic Blue…So Exciting.

I’m going to do it myself. I usually do. The brand Scwartzkopf just came out with PERMANENT VIBRANT HAIR COLORS, including PERMANENT METALLICS. I will be using Schwartkopf got2b M67 BLUE Mercury Permanent Color. For ALL hair textures. No bleaching. Simply a) coloring hair prep, b) mix color and developer, c) apply hair color, d) rinse, e) condition, f) rinse, g) finish/style hair as usual. Repeat as roots reach undesirable growth.

I’m so excited. Been having my hair some color or shade of blue since I was 45. So 6 years.

New Hair Color Coming!
Mine is going to be pretty bright, as my hair is currently blue. So excited
Current picture, 1 month old.
Current picture, one month old.
Hollywood Beach, CA
Hollywood Beach, California

My various looks over the past 10 years. I look so much like my mom in some of these. The various shades of hair color over the past almost 10 years.

Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, Nevada
Houston, Texas
Northstar, Lake Tahoe, CA

I’ve also colored my hair various shades of red, brown, black, blond-ish (picture not posted), multi-highlights (pictures not posted), dark burnt coppertop, my natural color, (once my hair grows out. Grows out dark and lightens naturally really easily).

Because I have so much natural strong red in my hair, my hair is now growing in WHITE! From head to toe!!!! No one tells you that!!!! My mom is a redhead and my daddy, a towhead most of his life. Plus, red hair runs strong on both sides of family. Kinda explains a lot about my personality, LOL. Go figure.