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I have been in search of a remote/work from home career opportunity for three years and even though I had a few interviews and worked briefly earlier this year until Covid-19 placed the position on the back seat, the process has been like pulling hairs.

I’ve been searching for job opportunities throughout my adult life, and the only time I encountered any problems is when I was suffering from Graves disease and weighed 86 pounds. I was so thin that I looked like a crackhead. Other than that, I use to get at least an 80% response to my resume and I went out on interviews almost daily. In the last three years, I’ve gone out on a couple of interviews and I’ve also been approached by unsavory characters and scammers.

The situation has been so ridiculous that I was in the process of unsubscribing from LinkedIn because I was convinced the employers refrained from hiring me because they viewed my picture and noticed that I was an African American woman.

I just happened to be listening to NPR last Friday when an career specialist stated that those who are in search of employment should remove dates from their resume because age discrimination is looming large. I removed the dates immediately and yesterday I received a job offer without even taken an interview. When I looked at my inbox this morning I received four requests for virtual interviews for interesting positions. Thank goodness for NPR!

I’m on my way!!!

To be hired on merit, not color of skin, age, or sex. That is how all jobs should be.