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You gotta see/read this degenerate, hateful, painfully dumb, beyond ignorant, should have her kids taken away, woman’s diatribe.

Of course she probably uses religion in vain to hide her own hatred to boot.

Look folks, we ALL BLEED RED!

RACISM SHOULD NOT EXIST!!! Sexism, Bigotry, Maliciousness, Spite, Pure Hatred, Cruelty and more, SHOULD NOT EXIST! We ALL SHARE this little planet. We ALL GROW from each other.

We are so much better than those ideas. Always remember, those who do not evolve, WILL BE LEFT BEHIND. Isolated in their thoughts, ideas or notions. Eventually, left in a mental, spiritual, and physical, labyrinth of cage, and prisons. It is one that they have created, built, and perpetuated, not realizing, they, themselves, are the ones who hold the key and map to the path to joy, happiness, a growth. A prisoner of their mind, spirit, and body, by choice.

The worst of the lot, are the ones who teach children these imprisoned ideas. Trying to chain these children to the past, which belongs exactly there. The past.

That folks, is not living, and definitely not growing. There is no joy or true happiness in that. Just perpetual anger and hate, which is a true reflection of themselves.

In turn, the real person they hurt is themselves. Not only do they hurt themselves (and others), but they deny themselves the beauty and happiness of growth, life, and living.

For life, living, gratitude, and growth, you must evolve, adapt, adjust, grow, actively apply, participate and continuously learn.

It is what we hold inside this shell, and how we project it, that is the key to our individual success in being. – Leila M. v.S Morse