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Our furry babies ARE OUR CHILDREN. We ended up not having 2 legged kids, just wasn’t in our cards. We were open either way.

But, over the 18 years of our marriage, we have had many adventures, in many locations, lots of crazy and incredible times, and incredibly awesome family of furry babies. All their names start with H. Some have past, and crossed the rainbow bridge.

Now we have just 2. 2 out of 7 of our babies. Hugo, our 13 y.o. Standard Poodle, and Hercules, our 2 1/2 y.o. Giant Labradoodle.

Hercules as a puppy (He’s now 100lbs.)

Henry the Black Manecoon




Harlow and Harold

The one thing they all had in common were some type of allergy or food sensitivity. They may have more than 2 legs, but, they go through all the things 2 legged one do.

So here are some tips to help your furry baby doggy or doggies, be happier, even with allergies.