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I was so excited. And it’s not even Fall yet, freaking time hasn’t even changed yet!

So about the time change deal…

Our Standard Poodle wakes up at Sunrise DAILY!!!! I write all day, til midnight or later, nap 1-3 hours a night usually (I’m a natural serious insomniac), pee, research, write more, read. Maybe sleep another 1-2 hours (sometimes). It is now between 4 to sunrise time. Meanwhile, he is very loudly vocal and doing his doggie tap dancing and wiggles on the wood floor, after just bathing himself (loudly on the bed!) . He wants attention, he wants to pee, he wants more attention, then he wants me to make breakfast. By this time, our Labradoodle 2 1/2 year old is up, and wants the same. Which means, my husband will be up soon too, wanting the same, and or working. This is a no sleep in situation and 2020A.D. bullshit year! Never thought I would be grateful for being an insomniac. Well I am, let me tell ya.

What kinda omen is this??? Reality imitating art!!! Fuck!!! 2020A.D. creating new species of hoarders and doomsayers. 👀 👁👁🤬🤬🤬

At the rate shit keeps getting more extreme, more bizarre, more violent, more deadly we are getting a cross between Mad Max and The Purge having a baby = what to expect for for 2021A.D. and beyond.

Trump is literally stealing quotes from the movie “The Purge”. Look at this… 👁👁 https://pin.it/5C3JbvS (copy and paste the link https://pin.it/5C3JbvS in your internet search engine to read artice) or tap the same link below.


Alcohol sales up dramatically for buy to go sales, and hoarding for end of days aparently.
So, science fiction characters in fall and early winter, add a meteor, crazy weather, and aliens for winter. Dont forget random major earthquakes. Keep Pandemic, Plague, Flu, Fires, and Natural Disasters. Bam! We are in 2021.
Totally true! My 2021 cup might need some whiskey with that coffee at this rate.
Where we currently are at 👀👁👁🤬
How modern dating is …mind you, you met through zoom and or, through a dating site most likely
Hey wait, aren’t you 3rd up to bat? You know, after Freddie Kruger, Michael, Saw, and the gang?

Yep, 2020 SUCKS!!! At this point all you can do is laugh, be very grateful for any positivity, prep for the worse, vote, and PRAY HARD!

I mean I’m seriously looking at implementing a plan of stocking up for all members in our household. Food, Water, Medicines, Toiletries (tp, soap, shampoo, towels, rags), emergency kits, sewing kits, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, bandages, rubbing alcohol, witch hazel, baking soda, salt, seasonings, foil, wood, batteries, charcoal and propane for bbq pit, fire pit and fireplaces, oil, sunblock, tennis shoes, all terrain shoes, snow shoes, electrolyte tablets, water purifying tablets, tent, solar lamps, generator, coffee filters (you can use those for so many many purposes), rubber bands, duct tape, crazy glue, tools, a hand stapler and carpenter stapler, paper, pens, crayons, pencils, twine, rope, dental floss (many uses), masks, maybe even gas masks, and salt water convertor, ladder, water hose, jugs, insulated tumblers, ziplocs, solar batteries. Plus, a slew of knives and maybe even a crossbow or bow and arrow. Can’t forget flares and flare guns too.

I’m not saying I’m going to do it all at once. But, I’m definitely looking and starting on a implementing of a firm plan. It is not IF it’s going to happen any more. It’s not a matter of WHY is it happening. It’s a WHEN is shit going down, AND BEING PREPARED.

No point in lying to myself, better to be prepared. If I don’t need it right now, I will need it AND use it over time.

Just keeping it real.