It’s weird I’ve never even see God as color, but purely light, and energy. I see this whole human form thing, as modern interpretation.

When you hear of people who died and came back, not once do you ever hear God was a “man”, or what “color”, merely the light and energy. The spirit.

I think this whole physical “man” description was, and is used so we can better identify and or control man by.

When people ask me what religion am I? I simply answer, I’m God religion. Though raised Catholic and Jewish, both having peculiarities, I just strive to live in God’s way.

Since I am not perfect, in any way, every day I strive. For I have sinned and I’m sure there are sins I will commit, that I don’t even know.

I just pray for forgiveness and understanding, and thank God for EVERYTHING, good, bad, a process of growing, learning, and being loved.

I believe The Bible and The Torah are meant to guide us in that practice. I believe that philosophies such as Buddhism, Taoism, Muslim, Hindi and the like are exactly that, Philosophies and or Principles. The same as The Bible and Torah. All of these written by man. Each having been inspired by God. Then of course there are even more Philosophies and or Principles that spin off from these core Philosophies and Principles.

The one constant is God.

Principles and Philosophies are meant to encourage, guide, and teach, when applied in truth & faith. But, so many are not about God, and are so about man, power, control, and the worst money.

I am not saying they are not to be respected, simply, we to look at the bigger picture. Look at ourselves and inside our true core.

Last I checked, God loves ALL, of good intention, and walk in the spiritual way. Not anyone greater or lesser, any different than the other. I’m definitely not saying God is going to think it is right to harm to someone else or one’s self. Like no murder (unless self defense), no harming children and etc. The rest is pretty man made. All that crap is man’s rules of inclusion and exclusion. Man’s judgement of their fellow man.

Thus, my religion is God, one God, and only God. God may be called by different names, but, we are all talking about the same Spirit.

Man is so busy trying to rank himself higher, that he forgets to be grateful for existence of ALL, and the fact that man, like all is composed of constant evolution. You come from dirt, water, air, and fire, fed by waste, evolved to the creatures we are. Thus, we are ALL equal and the same.

Man needs to get over defining himself and his fucking ego, and instead improving ALL of man, in God’s glory and purpose. Not man’s. Thus we are ALL our brothers keeper.

I want to also state, that we may agree, or disagree on this, I will always respect someone’s Religion, Philosophies or Principles, and them.

(Sorry about my long response)