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For as long as I could remember I have had a love affair with I door plants. Growing up, inside our home, living plants all sizes, and types, were strewn throughout our house. On the outside we had a wide variety of plants for porches, walkways and in the mini orchard. The combination of this experience gave a feeling of the outdoors inside and the inside endless.

The house always had a clean fresh crisp air smell, with a slight scent of flowers. Even if someone was smoking inside, you couldn’t tell. I remember the only time it didn’t smell like that was when grandmama was cooking. Then all you could smell was yummy for your tummy.

With my fascination of Botany and my love of plants, I myself carried on the hobby. Over the years I have had and given away so many, many, many plants.

My particular favorites are the Philodendron and Pathos. I literally have bought one grown it, take a snippet and put it in a glass vase, and watch them grow huge! Then, repeating the process. I prefer to keep them in beautiful glass display vases. My largest one was about a almost 5ft diameter shape, not including the vase.

I would play music for them, talk to them (they make great listeners), dust them, and groom them. When we moved I had to give away my plants, as they couldn’t travel across the country easily enough with the dogs and everything else. Broke my heart.

I am currently looking for a perfect starter glass vase (depending on what size you want them to grow, you will start them in smaller vases and keep putting them in bigger vases), and another Philodendron or Pathos and start again.

In the link below is an article highlighting 25 low maintenance primarily indoor, and can be outdoor plants, that require very little light if any. Some are listed as toxic to animals, humans or children. This includes the Philodendron. From my own experience I have never had my kitty or any of our doggies even mess with them. Mind you, I always have them off the ground either in a killer tall artsy iron stand, or on a table or countertop, or hanging.

The link will guide you with information about the plant, cost, conditions, and maintenance. It will provide you with a link to purchase these plants too.

Please click the highlighted link below to access these details.