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I am very much into homeopathic treatments. I tend to have allergic reactions to a few prescription drugs. Not including allergies to certain insects and a couple of plants. I have been diagnosed with migraines since I was 19. I’ve been prescribed numerous migraine medications as treatment. Some are effective, many aren’t. Made me more nauseous than well.

Here is a tip that has been quite successful most of the time. It is at least worth trying out. I haven’t had one in a bit. But, when I do, I could be down for days. Usually starts in my neck and builds and builds. Quite debilitating.

If you have migraines just put a little bit under your tongue and then mixed a half of a teaspoon with about 8 oz of water and I swear on my life, within a few minutes I could feel the migraine easing up. I had even taken my migraine medication TWICE with no relief. Just thought I’d share this info bc it REALLY works.

Well, if you need a remedy, give this a try. Hope you have as much luck as I have.

Also, on a side note, really strong cold instant coffee helps too. These are my go to helpers.