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It is too often, we base our entire judgement process of a person on only the past. Their past, our past, even someone else’s past. We don’t take into consideration the now. We sure in hell, don’t think of possibilities of success in the future.

Throughout my blog, I will post placards from everything on Encouragement, Love, Hope, Enlightenment, Peace, Serenity, Zen, Inspiration, Laughter, Witty, Sarcastic, Joy, Strength, How to Deal With Anger, Stress, Loss, Grieve and more.

Whether you are a woman or man, we ALL have an inner capability of being a “bitch” or a “dick”. Just depends on who’s asking, when they’re asking, and why they’re asking. Really depends on who they want to show up. The nice reasonable me, or her sister…the chick with an iron hand, in a velvet glove, take no prisoners, Queen Biatch! Respect. –

xoxo Love You Baby


I hope you enjoy them, find them enlightening, gain wisdom, and when humorous, find them funny. Don’t be worried about laughing hard and out loud.

Please take into account, none of these are meant to be vengeful, cruel, racist, sexist, discriminatory, or mean.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I have a really warped sense of humor. Please don’t take offense. I definitely poke fun at all in politics, or socially hot topics.

Always remember, if I’m not laughing at myself, I am laughing either with you, or at you. Think of me like a sister or lover with a twisted sense of humor. Trust me, I laugh at me ALL THE TIME!!! I laugh at me when I fall down, when I embarrass the hell out of myself, and for my craziness. Life is too short to take life so seriously. Plus, laughter keeps me from wearing a “stripe jumpsuit”, also, I don’t look good wearing “orange”, as in an “orange jumpsuit”. Just saying.

On that note, I also have a very serious side. I have a very deep, introspective, and thoughtful side, as well.

Not everyone is going to like or love you. Just remember the most important thing is you like or love yourself. I’m not saying be you’ll be perfect. I’m saying don’t beat yourself up, and hate yourself. Remember we all have room for improvement. The goal.is to keep.trying to be the best you can be for yourself and others.
(A Perfect Description Of Me)

Hope you enjoy my placards once again. Please feel free to comment, make suggestions and share.

– Leila