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Cow, Crab, Rabbit, Lamb, Shark, Turkey, Tuna, Duck, Deer, Elk, Lobster, Shrimp, Goat, Buffalo, Chicken, Octopus, Pig, Crawfish, Quail, Frog, Salmon.

What can I say, I’m am a true foodie. I have been a foodie since birth. My Mom always says, I rejected Mother’s milk at birth practically. Did formula for a few months, and immediately went to puree foods. I liked sea foods, meats, veggies, and fruits. I only like whole unprocessed foods too. Apparently I was a food snob.

My mom always says, “some women given birth to babies, you came walking out of the womb”. Apparently, I knew from day one what I wanted, liked, and disliked. I was also very adventurous in my foods. Almost always willing to try something new. It had to look right, smell right, taste right, sound like it should, and have the right texture.

Thus, why I’ve tried so many meats and foods. This is how I started eating peppers (spicy) at such a young age, and now eat Ghost Peppers like someone else would eat Bell Peppers.

I seem to have quite an expensive palate. Plus, anything I see and smell, or eat, or imagine it should be, I can almost recreate, almost exact, or pretty damn close. It’s instinctual. I seem to have quite an apt for it. So, I suppose it would be call a passion.