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Let me just say this, I vote based upon what I believe best for the people. I have never voted “Straight Ticket”, or “All One Party”. I ONLY vote this way. As for Hillary, her time has passed. But, I love the irony of this article.

I sincerely think, most people thought this before Trump became President. Some believed it as fact, it will happen. Some believed it as a possibility. Finally, some believed it not true, or not possible.

Then you factor in Hillary, her past, her scandals, and her Husband President Bill Clinton and HIS Presidency and HIS scandals. Since apparently, that is how most people were judging Hillary Clinton. But, most importantly, you factor in SHE IS A WOMAN. Oh, and lest not forget she was running against a liar, thief, cheater, Donald Trump.

Remember 2016? Click link at bottom of blog to read full article. Definitely a must read.

Most importantly, Hillary Clinton was running against an Old Men’s Club stigma (proudly worn by some), Bigoted, Xenophobic, Liar, Cheat, Old, Caucasian “White”, D List Celebrity Wanna Be, Thief, Presummed Rapist, the now President, Donald Trump.

This article points out how hind sight is 20/20 or perfect vision. But, foresight is PRICELESS!

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