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Who doesn’t know the Intro Music and the Dramatic Music “Thump, Thump”? 😂😂😂☠👀👁👁
No joke!!! Women and now Men wear makeup, no biggie. It’s an enhancer or statement. We used to ALL wear Cologne and Perfume. I STILL DO! I must have 90+ different Perfumes, Parfumes, Scented Oils, Colognes, Scented Body Sprays, and Scented Lotions, even Scented Soap. Plus, I have a deodorant obsession too! My Hormones, Moods, and Pheromones change daily. Thus, I need to complement my changes. I am not saying you should smell like you are doused in fragrance. The fragrance should be subtle, intoxicating, memorable, and special to you. Like when someone smells a similar fragrance, they think of you. I think the right fragrance for the day, mixed with your natural pheromones make you smell DELICIOUS, CONFIDENT, POSITIVE and SEXY AF!
hee, hee, hee (giggle)
I am SOOOO GUILTY of THIS! Not very often, but, middle of the night, half asleep, could happen. LOL!!!😂😂😂 It’s not lazy, it’s TIRED AF!!!
NO JOKE!!!! I am sorry, but a RAISIN, will not ever satisfy a DARK CHOCOLATE CHIP NEED!!! FACT!!!!!
These days, it might just be a woman in that chair. People these days, are like, “You know I’m good”. Hell, a quarter (1/4) of my friends are married. A a quarter (1/4) of my friends are divorced, a quarter (1/4) of my friends say they want to be married sometime, then you have a quarter (1/4) of my friends are like “I’m good”. I’m just fine being single or a relationship, marriage is not my thing. For me I was the type that was the Run Away Bride. Serious commitment issues. So, I was fine being in the last group. And then I met “The One”. Wasn’t looking, wasn’t on the market, just swept me away. Eighteen years of marriage, this December. For me it was “when you know, you know”.
One of the MANY reasons I don’t do Florida. Tried it once, we lived in Key West for a while. ALSO, one of the many reasons I don’t and WON’T EVER HAVE a See Through Door. Screw that! ☠☠☠😂😂😂👀👁👁🏃‍♀️💨💨 💨 Gotta go!
What can I say… Sharing is caring 😂😂😂😂😁😁😁
ALL THE TIME. So sad, but true.

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