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Actual video link at bottom of this log.
Actual video link at bottom of this log.
Actual video link at bottom of this log.
Actual video link at bottom of this log.

What a truly beautiful story. Especially one of overcoming tragedy, and turning your life into a beautiful beacon of light, life, inspiration, and love. I know, it is too much to ask, that this may happen for everyone. But, I still pray and believe, one day it could for most.

As one who has endured extreme circumstances throughout my life, I truly empathize, respect, and understand the struggles. Sometimes the struggles are rare, seldom, or once in a while. Maybe every now and then, or, not that often. Then again, sometimes, they are every week, everyday, and can feel like every hour. Yet worse, some circumstances can feel like every minute is a struggle, and every second is a lifetime of fight.

There are so very many things in our life that we can not control. However, there are resources and tools we can use to turn that survival fight, into the infinite inner will to fight. The will to achieve beyond survival. The will and fight to stand tall, shine, grow excel and most exceptionally, shine bright.

I have learned through time and experience, the ultimate, is to help others find their “bright”. Abraham Lincoln said it best, to paraphrase, ‘You cannot help but to receive, when you give to someone else’. He wasn’t talking monies, but instead of ones self, to give inspiration, motivation, wisdom, will, drive, hope, encouragement and more. Most importantly, to give, without wanting, or expecting anything in return. To give UNCONDITIONALLY. What a feat.

It is in that, in which another person may not only find and make their “bright”, but, help you see your “bright” as well.

Click the link below to see this poignant video. Please feel free to share and comment.